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Liquid Properties

Chemical Base Ethyl cyanoacrylate
Appearance: Black Liquid
Specific Gravity (25°C) 1.06 g/cm²
Viscosity (25°C)

[Brookfield RV]

4000 – 6000 mPa·s

Bonding Speed

Defined as the time taken to develop a strength of 0.1 N/mm² at 22°C and 50% relative humidity.

EPDM <20 seconds
Neoprene <20 seconds
Nitrile Rubber <15 seconds
Balsa Wood <25 seconds
ABS 20-30 seconds
Polycarbonate 30-40 seconds
Steel 50-70 seconds
Aluminium 20-30 seconds

Bonding Performance

Tensile strength according to ASTM D412 [B].

EPDM 2-6 N/mm²
Neoprene 5-15 N/mm²
Nitrile Rubber 5-15 N/mm²

Lap shear strength according to ISO 4587.

Steel 15-25 N/mm²
Aluminium 7-10 N/mm²
Nitrile Rubber 5-10 N/mm²
Polycarbonate 5-10 N/mm²
ABS 6-10 N/mm²

Temperature Resistance

Tested on mild steel, cured for 24-hours and conditioned to test temperature for 1 hour prior to pull test.

Enviro-Chemical Resistance

Exposed to conditions for 1,000 hours at 22°C except for 98% RH that had an exposure of 42°C.

Storage Conditions

Recommended Storage Temperature is 2-10 °C. Maximum storage temperature is 25°C. Shelf life at the
recommended temperature (unopened) is12 months

HDPE containers do not offer a complete barrier, store product away from other chemicals and sources of
humidity. Strong light exposure can discolour products.

Supply Formats

Standard Bulk Formats:

25 kg container, 200 kg drum and 1,000 kg IBC.

Special Bulk Formats:

5 kg container, 10 kg container and 20 kg container.

N.B. Extra charges may be levied.


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